Stop giving your oxygen to people who can breathe just fine on their own.

-Ed Sheeran

There’s the lovers, the givers, the takers, and the taken from.

I can’t hold my resolve when it comes to you. Why can’t I say stop and walk away? The phone rings and up until that moment I had resolved to wash my hands of you: no more listening to your sweet nothings over the phone, no more going above and beyond for you, no more working so hard to get your attention because sometimes it felt like I had to remind you that I was there.

But when you did remember, it could have been just the two us in the universe. I guess it’s those moments that kept me blind for so long but truthfully I was a willing participant in the foolery of my being undervalued, underloved and underappreciated.

But no more being a fool. I’m working on me, recognizing that I’m a recovering undercover over lover recovering from love I can’t get over. No longer accepting less than what I’m worth and baby I do know what I’m worth.

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