In hindsight, a lot of heart ache, pain, disappointment and resentment would have been avoided if I had learned to say that one word.

I’ve realized I don’t use the word enough. I’m not advocating for constantly only looking out for yourself but simply not letting the needs of others overtake your own. A kind deed here and there is thoughtful but repeatedly pushing your own agenda further down the to-do list to cover another’s tasks is self-sabotage.

Does saying no make you selfish?

At what point does putting yourself first and above the needs of others become narcissistic?

If you say no, will people leave you?

Saying no sometimes means choosing yourself. It’s not always the easiest response to requests and it definitely does not make you popular. But twenty years down the road when you look back and realize that all you’ve done is accommodate the whims of others the regret may flood you overwhelmingly.

It’s okay to choose yourself. Today, tomorrow and forever. For as long as you live.

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