20 Lessons

Adulting for a short while has taught me that no matter how much a person looks put together, no one really has life figured out and everyone’s just trying to act like they do. In light of my recently turning 20, I put together a few things I’ve learnt so far that I think get me a little closer.

  1. Stop worrying so much, all it accomplishes is fine lines around your eyes and forehead.
  2. Stop and smell the roses, you’ll find that the scent is actually sweet. Life can be very fast paced and if you don’t consciously stop to enjoy simple moments, it’ll pass you by.
  3. Stop riding yourself about impulse buys, money comes and goes.
  4. People are fickle.
  5. No one construct of beauty is the golden standard, beauty is 100% subjective. So, stop saying that you need a flatter stomach, smaller waist, bigger booty, bigger boobs, smaller feet, lighter skin, smaller nose, longer legs, clearer skin, longer hair, curly hair or any other standard of beauty constructed by society to feel beautiful.
  6. Don’t be in a hurry to find love, it will find you.
  7. Listen to your gut.
  8. Do NOT put in any more effort and time into any kind of relationship than the other person is willing to put forth. You’ll quickly realize who values you and who doesn’t.
  9. You do NOT owe anyone your time, love or attention.
  10. No situation is permanent. These hard times? These too shall pass.
  11. Don’t be so rigid. Open your mind to new ideas, experiences, beliefs and people.
  12. Your life cannot be governed by fear. Stop making decisions based on fear– fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of non-conformity, fear of standing out.
  13. Do not apologize for who you are — you cannot accommodate everyone’s construct of who you ought to be.
  14. Read more books, you’ll find that knowledge is power.
  15. Life is not a race. Stop comparing your progress to anyone else’s and stop listening to other people compare you to others or themselves. They barely have any context on where you are coming from and where you’re headed.
  16. Learn to enjoy your own company.
  17. “You don’t own the things that you love.” -Trevor Noah
  18. We’re all going to die so stop overthinking it.
  19. Happiness is a result of intentional living.
  20. The older you get, the more you learn, the more you realize that you know nothing.

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