Hide n Seek

“Baby I got the right temperature to keep you warm.”

Behind closed doors I’m yours and your arms don’t hesitate to express so.  Those sweet words flow so readily from your mouth. It’s a whole other atmosphere in this room. But the door opens and we’re surrounded by our peers and the temperate plummets. I must assume that your indifference in public is synonym to your piping love for me when we’re alone. Mustn’t I?

We’re not yet in a place where you can tell me how you truly feel without a little liquid courage or are under the influence. I wonder why and how this generation got to this point. How did we get to an era where completely expressing how you felt is being too much into it? How did we get to an era where beating around the bush is a sacred ritual that cannot be skipped? How did we get to an era where we must waste each other’s time by refusing to simply state what we want and expect? How did we get to an era where communicating your expectations is being too serious?

But in this 2018, no more. If you’re interested, terms and conditions apply so either tick the box or keep it moving.

In other news, tell those you love just how much you do. Life is too short to play it cool or play hide n seek with feelings.


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