Love is More Than Holding Hands

Growing up I envisioned love to be the same as the one I saw on TV. You know, the hand holding, spontaneous adventures, kisses in the rain, running through the field of daisies hand in hand but most of all, smiles. The love we’re taught to look out for is the sunny one.

However, the sun is only out half the day and only so if the rain clouds don’t dominate. Being able to weather the storm should be what love is about. Too often we overwork ourselves to be polished and dusted and nice, soft and round on the edges. But baby, my edges are jagged and you may . . . no, in fact, you will get cut. So I don’t need someone for the sunny days, I need someone who can stand the rain, the storm and the hailstones.

“Sunny days, everybody loves them. But can you stand the rain?” -New Edition



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