To Be Honest

I’ve started this post about ten times, not sure how to word it without coming off the wrong way to anyone.

To be honest, I’ve been enraged the past couple of weeks. It began with the Instagram stories by @ self_made_east_african. First and foremost, I’d like to say that it’s brave to share your story especially on social media and big up to those of you who have. But if I’m being truly honest, the rage began the first time I heard about the Samburu incidences.

Rape. It’s disgusting and I don’t understand what goes on in perpetrator’s minds when he/she commits the horrific act. Rape culture is perpetrated in more ways than you think. Most people would like to think they personally cannot do anything about it, but I have news for you; you could end rape culture. I won’t go into detail because you’ll be here forever, but I’d like to address one thing.

Victim blaming. It is never the victim’s fault–ever. I resent statements such as “If you’re drunk you’ve already consented.” “You’re asking for it with how you’re dressed.” “What did you expect? “Don’t you know men are trash?”

We need to stop teaching our girls to be ashamed and hide from men, you know because they are trash. But, we need to teach our boys to be better. Rape is not okay, it never is! Spread the word!

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