Don’t Do Drugs

Validation is a hell of a drug.

Listen up baby girl. It’s never been about them. It’s not about them. And it will never be about them. The temptation to dip into the cool pool of validation can be overwhelming, heck I do it all the time. However, as part of my self-love journey, I’m learning to stop investing in what doesn’t build me up as a person. I’m finding that I spend so much time trying to look ‘pretty’ and cover up all my blemishes, but when I look inward, the reality is that I am doing it so that people can see me in a better light–I’m looking for validation.

But what we often don’t realize is that the search for validation will prove futile because it doesn’t really exist–there will always be someone smarter, prettier and clearer-faced than you. Thus, accept the facts of the day, look in the mirror and validate yourself. Then, spend your time and money on things that will grow you as a person and get you closer to your goals.


“I love you just the way you are girl, you don’t have to change a single thing.” – Taurus Riley

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