Mangoes Aren’t Always Sweet

We tend, no let me speak for myself, I tend to create a vision of how I expect certain scenarios or situations to play out then get upset when they don’t, even when it’s not necessarily a bad outcome.

I spent months dreaming about things would like if they finally happened for us. Maybe you’d write me sweet notes all time and know just what to do to make me smile. You’d get me my favorite candy on my birthday and only then cause sugar and I don’t get along. And you’d frequently gift me with books because you know that shit feeds my soul. Then on Valentines Day you’d do some cheesy shit that would make me smirk, you know my signature smile that I make only when I feel truly happy.

But when you didn’t tick all the boxes on my perfect guy checklist I was disappointed in you at first. Then I realized I should have been disappointed in me. I was the one standing between myself and happiness because truth be told everyone is responsible for their happiness. So I trashed the list, got rid of all my ridiculous expectations that I’d drawn from TV shows and I accepted my truth. You make me smirk for different reasons and feed my soul in other ways so that happy juice flows in my veins.


Baby girl, I’m not telling you to get rid of your standards or expectations entirely but open your eyes a little wider, you may find the world you take in surpasses what you initially thought. Because not all mangoes are sweet and its the sour ones that make your toes curl. Sure its not sweet, but sour is a rich flavor and far more memorable.

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