Candle In The Sky.

“I hear you speak about we a lot,
Oh you speak French now?”
-Party Next Door.

Always calling but never called, always loving but never loved, always caring but never cared for.

You used to love me. At least I think so. I long to see that desire you had for me in your eyes again.To have you hang on to my hand longingly never wanting to let go. I wanna have your body close to mine again. To have that childish smile grace my face whenever our song came on or I got a text from you.

Maybe it was over long before it started. Maybe I’m crazy and you never loved me. Maybe I’m delusional and  I’ve just been feeding these feelings with memories that were probably nothing more than a moment. Things change, people change ,feelings change too never thought the circumstances would have changed you . But then again the way that I love you rolled off your tongue sounded so sweet. My hand fit perfectly into yours, almost like they were made to fit into each other. I never thought I would find myself sitting up at 3 a.m wondering where we went wrong. We really could have been something.

2016-08-03 15.47.07

So I delve into my escape, because at least in this reality I don’t need you and you never hurt me. Here, tears are only shed for joy and laughter. I need to believe that I don’t need you. So I keep telling myself that princesses dream of princes but queens don’t need kings. My crown must be pretty heavy cause mornings are never friendly with throbbing heads and lights always seem to be blinding. But that’s how I liked them. You were my sun, moon and stars.


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