Just Do It!

Sometimes life brings you flowers,
Sometimes it builds you a coffin.



Life is scary, unpredictable and daunting.
For the longest time I wanted to write a novel. I always spoke about it and would rant about possible story lines- an African girl who falls for a white missionary, a young girl who gets her heart broken after compromising who she was for him, a young girl who goes after her dreams but fails.But at the end of the day I never did. We spend so much time exciting over the details of what we want but never go after it. Do I have a complete novel? Heck no. But many attempts at an introduction. The notion that life could be a series of happily ever after is ridiculous. So we accept that and never try to be happy. You do your best to be who you wanna be and the joy will come along. Just get up and chase your dreams. Just do it.


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