The Girl Without a Face

Have you ever.

Just sat there and wondered- who am I?


 Shirt: Ambience Apparel

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Nike Roshe One

The thing about this thing we often refer to as life, is that she takes you on the biggest, scariest roller-coaster, promising its gonna be fun but we often miss the evil grin. We all know how the story ends. And as if to justify what we do to each other we say, ” C’est la vie”. Most say that I just wanna be happy. But what about finding yourself? Living up to your potential? Doing what you love? At the end we can’t even recognize ourselves. Because truly we aren’t covered in our own vomit but each others. We hurt people. We make them lose sense of who they are. And what for? To be the coolest? The prettiest? The most sought after?




Bothered  by what she’s done to others and what she’s let them do. Or to be specific, him. She fell for the smallest part of him mistaking it for his whole. He told her its okay. But really its not. She didn’t realize that he wanted a different version of her. But she ran on iOS not Jellybean. And he began to change her. So she sat there wondering who she had become – the girl without a face.


Photography by Gitari Tirima

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